Life with a Burmese Cat

What is so special about the Burmese breed?


The Burmese is no ordinary cat!

Its personality and character captivates its human companions creating a following which is unparalleled in the cat world.

For an introduction to the breed you can down load or view our Breed Profile; click on the image opposite, to discover more about their attributes as pets, their characteristics and behaviour, their colours and type and where to start and what to look for when searching for a kitten (or adult cat).


The Burmese Experience is described so beautifully by Joyce Seville in the Club's leaflet 'The Burmese in your Home' that you will want to read every line and revel in her word pictures -

'the distinctive quality of its coat, made for stroking ... its unique qualities of temperament ... it becomes an integral part of the family ... a Burmese kitten has as much personality as the members of the household it is joining ... each Burmese is an interesting individual ...

Brown Burmese Male
Burmese are intensely social animals and assume that they are fully accepted in all aspects of human family life ...The Burmese wants to help! ... Burmese do not like to feel neglected ... To entertain Burmese provide plenty of simply but amusing toys ... Burmese owners talk of the mad half-hour ... The need of Burmese cats for human company is immensely flattering and good for the ego ... These qualities of temperament and character are allied to a sophisticated beauty.'

The Burmese is a strong, athletic and elegant cat, of foreign but not extreme type which is distinctive and quite individual to the breed. It has a close, even coat with a glossy, almost polished quality. At maturity males are large and handsome, females are more delicate and graceful, and the difference in weight between them may be as much as two or three pounds.

Burmese coat colours include:

Brown - the original Burmese colour, a rich warm seal brown

Blue - a soft blue-grey with a silver sheen on rounded areas

Chocolate - a warm milk chocolate

Lilac - a pale, delicate dove grey with a slight pinkish cast

Red - tangerine (see below)

Cream - cream with a distinct bloom on the head and back, giving a powdered effect

Brown Tortie - brown with shades of red

Blue Tortie - blue with shades of cream

Chocolate Tortie - chocolate with shades of red

Lilac Tortie - lilac with shades of cream

Red Burmese Female Neuter at play!