Obituary Notices

The Club offers an Obituary service  to members who would like to commemorate their cat in the Club’s magazine and/or on the Club’s website. To take advantage of this service, please provide the following details:  pedigree name of cat, pet name, sire & dam, date of birth and death and the names of the breeder and owner and a brief message, which may include the cause of death, if desired. A single photograph may also be published.  Please include a donation to the Club’s Benevolent Fund of a minimum of £10. 

Please indicate if you wish the Notice to be published in the magazine only and/or website. The Notice will remain on the website for six months. 

The above details should be forwarded, by post or email, to Mrs Michele Codd, Dirhams, Colsterworth Road, Stainby, Lincs NG33 5QT Email

Adentbu Mister Zebedee (Zeb) 27b

Sire: Gr Ch Rusella Sea Spray. Dam: Adquabu Poppy Petite. Breeder/Owner: Stephanie Steward.  

Born: 3rd June 1998. Died: 31st January 2015.

For nearly 17 years Zebedee gave us so much joy. No words can express how we feel now he has gone and how much we shall always miss him.

UK Gr Pr Lindjae Mister Buttons, known to us simply as “Buttons”.  Breed Number 27b. 

Sire: Ch Jaspurra Bonsai Panther.  Dam: Pawdew Bobbie Dazzler.  Breeder and Owner: Linda Wigley.

Born 23rd August 1996.  Died 8th April 2015. 

Put to sleep to avoid further suffering from kidney failure.  A kind and gentle boy, he had a wonderful show career and was our much loved friend and constant companion for so many years.  He has a special place in our hearts and we miss him more than words can say.

Champion Greenpark Lord Nelson (Buster)
24th February 2002 - 22nd September 2015.

Sire - Trumark Ace Ventura. Dam - Spinnersmoon Sea Urchin. Breeder - Mrs P Grantham. Owners - Mrs P Grantham & Mr N Jones.

Sadly put to sleep to save further pain and suffering. Much loved by all the family.

Ch & Imp Gr Pr Oakenshield Toffee Apple 27f
Sire: UK Gr Ch Traviesco Corncracker.
Dam: Gr Ch & Imp Gr Pr Oakenshield Acorn.
Breeder/Owners Carolyn & Robin Kempe.
Born 24.7.1999.  Died 14 10 2015
Put gently to sleep to prevent further suffering from renal failure.
Toffee won many BIS and BOV Burmese awards during her show career as a neuter.  She charmed judges with her lovely personality, as she did with us and our Burmese family. She will always be loved and missed.

Typha Impishe Bamby (Chocolate 27b)
15th January 1995 – 10th June 2015

Sire – Ch Typha Majik Lantin. Dam – Gr Ch Starshadow Jesta Jezebel
Breeder – Mrs Rosemary Alger-Street. Owner Avril Evans

A sweet, gentle little girl who was sadly put to sleep after suddenly developing pancreatitis. 

Typha Quaiser Inpearl (aka Florence) (Lilac 27c)
29th January 1995 – 27th December 2013

Sire – Gr Ch Typha Silverwinged Xplora. Dam – Typha Gypsy Ebie
Breeder – Mrs Rosemary Alger-Street. Owner Avril Evans

A beautiful, feisty extrovert, who won the hearts of everyone with her huge personality.  After major surgery for a gall bladder obstruction we shared three more happy years together.

After losing my two best friends in the space of eighteen months, words cannot describe how much I miss them.

Ch Funicats Tee Jay (Pancho) 27c.

Sire: Ch Pegavi Young Tiki. Dam: Catimus Chiquita Margarita. Breeder: Mr & Mrs D Hiller. Owners: Mr & Mrs C Blackwell-Baker.  Born: 8th May 1999. Died 24th December 2015.

Put to sleep to prevent suffering due to diabetic complications.

Pancho was the most gentle, kind and loving boy, who was so brave. He amazed us all with his passion for life, even after suffering pancreatitis two and a half years ago. He was inseparable from his sister Tiki.

Our hearts are truly broken and we all miss him more than words can say.

Good night Pancho, our beautiful teddy bear, we will love you forever.

Traviesco Xaralula "Billie"

Sire: Kagura Xaracen . Dam: Traviesco Contrello.
Breeders : Chris & Trevor Young. Owner : Nicola Joss

Born 15th December 2000. Died 18th February 2016.

The most beautiful chocolate little girl, with a wonderful, affectionate nature. Billie was put to sleep after a short illness due to kidney failure. She was so loved and will be missed by all who knew her, especially her 'brother', William.

Frilford Frascati "Frisky" Lilac (BUR c)

Sire: Frilford Corsair. Dam: Frilford Poppea.
Breeder : Lady Sheila Bruce-Gardner. Owners : Peter and Krystina Prior

Born 11th March 1997. Died 24th April 2016 from pancreatitis.

She was a beautiful lady who, when 10 years old, settled with us to give us nine years of love and companionship and always seeking a lap to sleep on. She was a very easy-going cat who had the ability to enjoy life to the full, even if she did tend to sleep most of the time, but always woke up to let her "staff" know she was hungry!

Champion Rumba Ursinnia (Willow) BUR c

Sire: GR CH Elmyra Silverdale Lad. Dam: GR CH Mainman Silkissima
Breeder Mrs Helen Marriott Power. Owner: Mrs Jenny Verlander

Born: 27.04.04. Died: 09.06.16.

Willow, put to sleep following acute diabetes. A sweet girl who was much loved. Her daughter, Imp Grand Champion and Imp Grand Premier Highlander Heavensent (Holly) is a credit to her. Thanks to Helen for letting me have this lovely girl.

Jacou Rumtumtugger (Tugger) 27b

Sire: Ch Angisan Xulted Bexwellboy Dam: Jacou Tiamaria Tabitha
Breeder June Coulter Owner: Sheelagh Kennedy

Born: 12.10.06 Died: 10.6.16

Our beloved Tugger was put to sleep on 10th June due to kidney failure.  He was brave to the end and very much loved.  He was full of mischief but very affectionate, always wanting cuddles.  He leaves behind is half brother, Rum, and his Bengal “sister”, Kalahari. We will always miss you Tugsy.

Premier Hobberdy Silkiwitch Seren (Sparkle) 27b

Sire: Kennbury Azer Baijhan. Dam: UK Gr CH Hobberdy Mrs Hibberdy 
Breeder: Anna Virtue. Owner: Ceri Findlay. 

Born: 27/07/2000. Died: 17/08/2016. 

Put to sleep after a hard battle with pancreatitis. Rest in peace my feisty little friend.

Camerage Sophia (Sophie) BUR b

Sire: Bonzer Chocolate Soldier. Dam: Kyzerkiss Ateshka.

Breeder: Mrs P Smith. Owners: Andree & Paul Williams

Born: 17th March 1996. Died: 19th February 2016

Our little princess left us, aged nearly 20, to join her gorgeous brother Camerage Seaspray (Bambi) whom she always missed after his passing in 2013. Sophie was beguiling, strong, intelligent and totally devoted to us and her brother. We miss them both beyond measure and are broken-hearted.

Highlander Bournville BUR n  (Peri). 

Sire: Ch Eglinton Erol Brown.  Dam: Ch Highlander Eternal Flame.  Breeder: Jenny Verlander. Owner: Pam Theodosiou.

Born: 9th April 2011.  Died: 23rd December 2016. 

Beloved ‘Peri’ our constant companion who we sadly had put to sleep when pancreatitis and lymphoma afflicted his last year of life.  We miss him terribly.

Velvalura Wotan (Wotan) 27

Sire: Gr Ch Truchita Justifiably Jake. Dam: Velvalura Pandora Plushkin. Breeder: Margaret Hope
Owners: Dieter and Zelda Rossi

Born: 12th December 2015.  Died: 18th December 2016

He was with us for such a short time, but he was so loving and funny, and enjoyed life to the full.  He lived in Dorset and Italy, and had been to France.  In Italy, he had four old oak trees which he loved to climb to the top and even knew how to get down.

Unfortunately, he was young and adventurous, so he had to find out what was on the other side of the road, one which none of our other cats go near.  Sadly he was run over just a few days after his picture was in the Burmese Cat Club News Winter 2016. 

We and his feline friends – Papillon, Namiya and Benito Pussolini – miss him so much.

Frilford Bluestocking (Indigo) BUR a


Sire: Gr Ch Bishopston Sophus Alcides.  Dam: Frilford Forever Amber. Breeder: Lady Sheila Bruce-Gardner. Owners: Richard and Kate Jones


Born: 21st February 1999. Died: 3rd March 2017.


Our beloved Indigo, the gentlest and most sweet natured of girls, always a comfort and a constant purr machine, having brightened our lives for 18 wonderful years, had to go to sleep due to kidney failure.  She will always be remembered by us and by her little “sister” Lylla (Burmarose Lilac Wisteria).


Jarujuda Mar (Carlo) Chocolate 27b
Jarududa Myan (Monte) Blue 27a

Born 16th March 1998, Died 12th April 2017

Sire: Ch Kathima Conquistador. 
Dam: Candistar Azzara  
Breeder: Mrs Juliet Grineau
Owners: David and Gerry Blockwell

They were born together, lived together and died of illnesses together, in hospital within minutes of each other, whilst being stroked by us, four weeks after their 19th birthday.  They enriched our lives and those of all they came into contact with - gone, but not forgotten, their spirits will always live on in our hearts.

These cats will be sadly missed and always remembered by their owners and friends.