Unfortunately older cats do find themselves needing new homes for various reasons, often due to changes in personal circumstances of their present owners. Below are some of the cats currently looking for that warm lap and cuddles. You may find links to pictures for some or our rescues.

If you would like information concerning rehoming one of these cats please contact the appropriate person or if you wish make a general enquiry concerning rehoming a Burmese please contact Sally Ferguson - Welfare Officer  Tel: 01483 828625 - Email: sallyannferguson@hotmail.com

Please note that calls to mobile phones may not be returned as these cause higher phone bills for the Club.

Meow, my name is Aslan and I am an older gent looking for my new home. I am used to living in a quiet home with someone who can give me loads of attention as I can be quiet needy. When I am awake I expect you to be awake and fussing me! I would like a new home without children and with people who can be home most of the day to wait on me hand and paw. I would like to be the only pet in my home too so I don't have to share my attention with other animals. I have predominantly lived as an indoor cat most of my life but I do enjoy sunbathing in the garden at the rescue centre so may enjoy access to the outside with my humans on a sunny day. If you can offer me a home for my latter years please enquire today on 01803 812121 or by filling out a form on www.animalsindistress.uk.com /pages/category/cats

Please note: we are based in Ipplepen in Devon and would require at least 2 visits to the centre prior to rehoming.


Tel: 01803 812121

Paprika is a pretty red girl, very friendly when she gets to know you and likes lots of fuss and very happy to have plenty of human company.  She needs a home where she is a single cat and can go outside in a safe garden. Her previous garden was cat proofed, so she is not an outdoor cat in the full sense and it’s not entirely certain that she can use a cat flap.  She is being reluctantly rehomed by her previous owner because she and her litter brother can no longer live together in harmony.  She is seven and a half years old (born October 2009)  vaccinated up until November this year.  She is not particularly used to small children or dogs.  

Picture Picture

Sally Ferguson
Tel: 01483 828625



Thought you might like an update. Well, what can I say, these two are just adorable and have totally transformed (and taken over) my life! They are eating well, exploring all the dusty corners, and seem to be very much at home and relaxed and SO sociable with anyone who comes to meet they - they are a joy.



Paddy attracted our attention through an advert on your website which stated that he enjoyed housework and DIY. But he’s interested in so much more than that! It’s true that his whiskers make for fabulous cobweb removers and that he’s always on hand to help push small, difficult to retrieve objects off any surface,  for example  knocking screws under the table during DIY work, but we weren’t informed about his passion for gardening, cooking, wildlife or his perception as a TV critic. He is a serious philosopher (when not chasing leaves) and also makes an exceptional foghorn.

Paddy came to us exactly 3 years ago from East Anglia/Cambridgeshire area. He is utterly the love of our lives and everything centres around him. How do Burmese cats have the ability to do that? I am eternally thankful that despite the fact he had already been rehomed when I followed up the advert, I left my phone number and indeed was contacted soon after to be told that his rehoming hadn’t worked out (I think due to the extreme decibels he can produce at length). He is simply the best….I’d love his previous owner to know what he means to us and that he still sleeps each night snuggled up against me with his arms round my neck!

Thank you!



Lilac and Bluebell want to let you know all is well as they settle down for a sleep on their rug which has a fresh hot water bottle under it! Bluebell is wearing her reflective collar as she has been outside in the dark for a very brief period.

We wish to correct a misunderstanding about us definitely being house cats. We do go outside, but as all Burmese cats will appreciate, we do not go out in the rain, it must not be too cold, and if it gets too hot we come inside again and like to sit where ‘dad’ normally sits!



Just an update! I adopted Charlie through you 4 1/2 years ago.  He is nearly 13 now and is still happy and healthy. He is even getting used to visiting my mums house now on his lead!! 

We moved house just over a year ago which made him pretty unsettled but he has eventually calmed down and got used to it now. He doesn't go outside much anymore but enjoys his freedom with the microchip cat flap I bought him last year. 

You mostly find him curled up in his bed of blankets or on any lap available. He's such a character and I wouldn't want to be without him. Thank you so much for putting me in touch with his owners :-) 



I thought it would be nice to give you another little update on Lucky and Lou Lou.

They're both much more settled in now, and pretty much ruling the roost! Lucky seems to get more ostentatious by the day, exploring cupboards, bookcases and shelves with aplomb! His penchant for sleeping underneath covers has not deserted him either, and it's common to find him snuggled in between duvet cover and duvet (sometimes with Lou Lou)! We're planning to install some special cat climbing shelving so they have a place to run during the day.

Lou Lou is much more confident now and rarely uses the sofa as a hiding spot, being found mostly on our pillows and bundled up in our clothes. She's still frightened of loud noises (especially the hoover and the fire alarm) but we tend to lock them both in the bathroom when we clean to minimise stress.

One of the biggest changes is Lucky now likes to be picked up (for short periods)! He enjoys being carried to wherever you may want to go so he can be with you at all times. Truly a social Burmese!

Thank you again for helping introduce these two characters into our lives! I hope this email finds you, your husband and your cats in good health!


We are delighted with Burmese Polly! She has settled down so well with us and is so affectionate! She sleeps downstairs in her cat bed and we don't hear a murmur! She loves to sit on a lap and knows the best armchair! Eating well too. So thank you so much for finding her for us.



Just to let you know Freddie has settled in like a dream and I absolutely adore him. 

He's a wonderful companion, cheeky, and as you indicated, complete guts with his food. I caught him breaking into his food cupboard, which is behind another door, which is latched! 




Roll had his first day of freedom today. It wasn't quite as planned because after a few days of going stir crazy wanting to get out, he slipped out with the dogs at 09.00 and we didn't see him again till 4 pm. I was pretty frantic as you can imagine but all is well. He is now sitting in my lap purring away! I think the time has come to transfer his chip details.

Unfortunately just after this was sent Rolo went missing, but the story has a happy ending. After being missing for 12 days Rolo was found up a tree by a farmer. He has returned safe and well to his new owner, if a little thin.


I just wanted to let you know that Sunny is just wonderful and rules the household!  He is big rabbit man and often brings one into the house, invariably under our bed.  So we have a board that we can pull out to get rid of the tiny remains, and I mean tiny!  He leaves the back feet and the innards!  The vet says he is unbelievably healthy for his age, so this must be due to dental biscuits and rabbit!

He looks at our Labrador with disdain as she trembles looking at him!  She is fascinated by him, being a year old 

He takes no notice of his name whatsoever.   Looking at his pedigree I wish he had been called Kipling.  We do actually call him Alf as this is what he sounds like announcing his presence coming in from the orchards!



Polly is thriving -- she is a Very Clever Cat! I am sending you  2 photos playing the pen game --with my red and white biro  (has to be that one!) under the newspaper! Hope you're doing well with The Cat Club!

Lao and Chang


I thought you might like to see how well Lao and Chang have settled in after being with me for a week now. They both love curling up on my bed or in one of their baskets. Chang has even taken to dragging one of the baskets so he can put it in a sunny spot to chill out.

Many thanks for allowing me to give these boys a home.

Dear Auntie Pam

First of all, thank you so much for looking after me so well, while I was waiting for my new Mum and Dad.

I thought I would paw you a line to assure you that I am already 'Worlds No.1 Pusscat'! I think I can live with that.

The late, much lamented Tizzie left very explicit instructions for her successor, such as 'make sure to wake Mum up by sitting squarely on her chest, purr loudly and rub your head under her chin! I followed her instructions to the letter. Worked a treat, her heart was mine.

As for the Old Man, he pretends he isn't that interested in felines, but I soon sussed out that all I had to do was to sit on his lap, purr loudly and generally make myself agreeable. What a push  over, I'll have him twisted round my paw in no time at all.

Of course, 'every silver lining has a cloud'... the 'big hairy beastie'. I think he believes that I am a small one of him, and he expects an Aristocat like me to simply rush out and play. I shall have to teach him a few lessons in etiquette first. I noticed that his tail is going nineteen to the dozen, so he probably won’t need too many harsh lessons.

All in all, I think I can assure you that I have fallen on my paws.... well, what else would you expect from someone of my superior nature to do?

Many purrs,




Amber is so mischievous, into every cupboard he should not be in. He is so adorable, a big hit with anyone  who comes to our house





Leila and Coco


Hi Jane, the two sisters are glorious. After loosing my 16 year old boy Burmese my heart was truly broken. Although he will always be treasured the two girls are providing oodles of love and fun.

They go to bed with us, wake up with us explore things like the shower  trays and wander all over the kitchen work surfaces assuming that they are  all there for their entertainment.  Nothing that a quick bacterial spray can't sort. They have mastered the art of camouflage in the bedrooms lying flat under the quilts huddled together. They have certainly melted our 
hearts something that Burmese can do.