Services for Burmese Cat Club Members

The Club holds an annual Burmese Championship Show under GCCF rules, and sponsors classes for its members at other all-breed shows, with cups and rosettes for winning cats and kittens.

The Club magazine, the BCC News, is published and circulated to members three times a year. It includes up-to-date information on health and welfare, articles by members on the pleasures of owning Burmese, photographs, poems, illustrations and lists of Trophy and Club Class winners.

A comprehensive selection of information leaflets and other publications, including the definitive book The Burmese Cat, and our own pedigree forms, are available for purchase from Club Tables at shows or by mail order from our Publications Secretary.

The website Kitten List is updated on an 'as required' basis.  Members are invited to register details of litters on the List. Please contact the Kitten List Co-ordinator, Stephanie Beirne. Members who wish to use this service must be on the Club's Breeders Register and should complete the registration form.

Blue Burmese Kitten

The BCC Stud List

All entries in the Stud List are supported by the following declaration, signed by each stud owner:

I agree
  • that my stud must be on the Active Register;
  • that all queens accepted must be on the Active Register only;
  • that my stud(s) will not be "free range";
  • to advise owners of queens on the care of queen and kittens and to assist with the identification of kitten colours if necessary;
  • to stress the importance of and give advice on the registration of kittens;
  • to my stud and quarters being inspected at any reasonable time by a member of the BCC Committee or someone authorised by them.
  • I declare that to the best of my knowledge my stud is not affected by the gene for Hypokalaemic Polymyopathy. I will advise the Burmese Cat Club Committee without delay if in the future any verified case of Hypokalaemia is sired by my stud.

From 1st October 2013 the GCCF will be phasing in the EMS Numbers System (Easy Mind System).  From that date both the old and new numbering systems will work alongside each other until eventually the old system will fall away. 

To help members move across to this new EMS system, we have provided the table below showing the old and new numbering for Burmese. The full numbering structure can be found here , as well as the guide to its use.


Old Breed Numbers

EMS Codes


























Brown Tortie




Blue Tortie




Chocolate Tortie




Lilac Tortie




Obituary Notices

The Club offers an Obituary service  to members who would like to commemorate their cat in the Club’s magazine and/or on the Club’s website. To take advantage of this service, please provide the following details:  pedigree name of cat, pet name, sire & dam, date of birth and death and the names of the breeder and owner and a brief message, which may include the cause of death, if desired. A single photograph may also be published.  Please include a donation to the Club’s Benevolent Fund of a minimum of £10. 

Please indicate if you wish the Notice to be published in the magazine only and/or website. The Notice will remain on the website for six months. 

The above details should be forwarded, by post or email, to Mrs Michele Codd, Dirhams, Colsterworth Road, Stainby, Lincs NG33 5QT Email

BCC Bereavement Pack



You will appreciate that it is with some hesitation that the Club broaches this delicate subject - but we all want the very best for our Burmese including making suitable provision for them should the very worst happen and we are not able to care for them through sudden death or disability.

With this is mind, the Club has prepared the attached Bereavement Pack which gives guidance on how to be prepared for such an eventuality.

The Pack also includes 'Emergency Cards' which can be carried by you to indicate that there are cats requiring immediate care.

Hypokalaemia DNA Test

The genetic test for Hypokalaemia is available to members at a discounted rate.  You can find all the information about the test at the following link.

Please contact Carolyn Kempe for the code needed to claim your discount.

Although breeders can take their own swabs for testing, the Langford site states that only results from a swab taken by a vet who has verified the cat’s microchip can be recorded on a genetic database held by International Cat Care (formerly FAB).