With Household Pet Section

SATURDAY, 25th JUNE 2011

at The Flitwick Village Hall. Dunstable Road, Flitwick, MK45 1HP

Household Pet Class Results

Non Pedigree/Pedigree Pet Green Ribbon Class (Olympian Certificates awarded) - Judge Lady Yardley
Olympian - IGM Misty
Res - IGM Blue Skies

Non Pedigree Pets

Imperial and Grand classes

AC Non-Pedigree Grand Master Cat Male - Judge Lady Yardley
Imp W/H
1st - GMC Moby Clavius

AC Non Pedigree Grand Master Cat Female - Judge Lady Yardley
Imp - GMC Inca

AC Non Pedigree Master Cat - Judge Ms Allen
GMC - MC Donald

Shorthair Open Classes

SH Self (single colour) cat with or without white Female - Judge Lady Yardley
BOB - GMC Inca

SH Ginger/AC Tortie Cat with or without White - Judge Lady Yardley
MC & BOB - Bellerosa
2nd - Trixie
3rd - Chloe

Non Pedigree Kitten Classes

AC SH Kitten - Judge Lady Yardley
1st & BOB - Bobby

Pedigree Pet Section

Imperial Class Grand Master – Judge Ms Allen

AC Pedigree Pet Master Cat – Grand Class, Male – Judge Lady Yardley
GMC MC Bruno

AC Pedigree Pet Master Cat  - Grand Class, Female – Judge Lady Yardley
GMC MC Blossom

Long hair/Sh Ginger a/c tortie cat with or without white – judge Ms Allen

Shorthair Opens

SH Self with or without white – male – Judge Ms Allen
BOB MC Bruno

SH self with or without white female – judge Ms Allen
BOB MC Blossom

SH AOC with or without white – judge Ms Allen 
MC & BOB  Baby
2. Be Bop a Lula

Pedigree Pet Kitten classes

Pedigree Pet kitten open classes

AC LH Pedigree Pet Kitten – Judge Lady Yardley
1st & BOB Cynnabonbastic the very fantastic
2. Purrty