Burmese Stud List

Every care has been taken to ensure that the information given in this list is accurate. Premises are open to inspection by appointment with the owner, & owners are advised to inspect the premises before taking queens. Entry in the stud list does not imply endorsement by the Burmese Cat Club and no responsibility can be taken by the club for the accuracy of the information contained.

Any complaints, in writing, should be referred to the Burmese Cat Club.  Complaints will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Stud fees should be offered in advance. Fees are paid for service and not for results. In the event of the queen not becoming pregnant many stud owners will offer the courtesy of a free repeat mating, but this must be regarded as a privilege and not as a right.

Stud fees, which are often subject to regular review, are not listed.  Queen owners are advised to apply to stud owners direct for details of their fees.

The Burmese Cat Club retains the right to refuse or delete any entry to this list without giving a reason.

All studs in this list have been tested for HK or can prove their HK status. You are advised to check the International Cat Care (formerly FAB) genetic database when making enquiries about using a stud. Please note that a stud will not need to be tested if both parents are ‘normal’ so you should also check their status.

The genetic test for Hypokalaemia has now been announced and is available to members at a discounted rate. You can find all the information about the test at the following link.


Please contact Mrs Carolyn Kempe - kempe.oakenshield@gmail.com  for the code needed to claim your discount.


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Application for entry to list

An application form for entry on the Stud List can be obtained from Lorna Taylor, Tel: +353 539424528 Email or can be downloaded here. Please ensure that you notify us of any changes, i.e. stud gaining a title, change of telephone number or email etc.

Application guidelines (Word) (pdf)

Please note that there is an annual charge of £10 for this service. This payment will also cover an entry on the Breeder's Directory and Member's Picture Page if you wish. Please send your payment to Olga Walker, 11 Bayham Road, Morden, London. SM4 5JH Email: olga.d.walker@googlemail.com. Payment may also be made by Electronic Bank Transfer.

Breeders who wish to place their cats on the stud list should ensure that they have signed a Breeders Register form before doing so


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