The Burmese Cat Club Benevolent Fund is now a Registered Charity No 1094488


Welfare of the Burmese cat is the Club's prime concern. We have a regionally structured rehoming service which helps around 400 needy cats each year. The Burmese Cat Club Benevolent Fund, which depends entirely upon private donations, provides the financial support to care for distressed cats in emergency situations, and to pay for boarding and veterinary costs for cats awaiting new homes. Suitable accommodation is available by means of a series of "safe houses" established across the country. These may be held by any members of the Club who can offer an appropriate environment and the necessary time and devotion to the cats in our care.

Needless to say, the costs of caring for cats in need of rescue or re-homing can soon mount up, so any donation you can make to help support a distressed or homeless Burmese cat will be greatly appreciated. Cheques, made payable to "The Burmese Cat Club Benevolent Fund", may be sent either to the Benevolent Fund Trustee or to the Honorary Treasurer.


Cats which are not claimed, or which are released into the Club's care by their former owners, are rehomed (with their non-Burmese companions where applicable!) by means of the waiting lists of people wishing to give a home to an adult Burmese. These lists are compiled by the Welfare & Rehoming Co-ordinator. Great care is taken to match cats and homes as closely as possible.


We have a centrally co-ordinated Register for lost, found and abandoned Burmese cats. They are rarely streetwise, and their fearless and friendly nature inclines them to explore open vans and cars. They can therefore find themselves "hitching a lift" which may take them far away from home. This national Register increases the chances of "matching" lost and found cats.