Code of Ethics

All registered breeders are required to adhere to the code of ethics.


Breeders should:

Breed only from queens and studs which are healthy and have no obvious hereditary defects.

Allow a queen to have no more than three litters in any two-year period. (This is in line with the GCCF recommendation that queens should have a minimum period of nineteen weeks between litters.)

Where there is more than one queen in the household, consider carefully the total number of litters to be reared in a year.

Be available at the time the litter is expected, and rear the kittens in a warm, safe, stimulating and loving environment to facilitate socialisation and normal, healthy growth.

Check the suitability of prospective homes and new owners and sell kittens only to homes where there is a reasonable expectation of a happy and healthy life.

Sell only fit, healthy and house-trained kittens, registered individually with the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy. They should not be allowed to go to their new homes before thirteen weeks of age and at least seven days after completion of a full course of vaccination for FIE (Feline Infectious Enteritis), FVR and FCV (“cat ‘flu”) including a health check, given by a Veterinary Surgeon or by a listed Veterinary Nurse under the direction of a Veterinary Surgeon.

Provide new owners with written details of all dietary requirements.

Follow up the progress of the kittens, especially when those not sold for breeding have reached the age for neutering and, in the event of health problems occurring after sale, be prepared to advise and support the owners as necessary.

Assume moral responsibility for each kitten during its lifetime and be willing to assist with the rehoming of a cat if the initial circumstances change.

Never sell cats or kittens to commercial wholesalers, retailers or dealers, and never allow cats to be offered as a prize or a donation in a contest of any kind.

Represent the characteristics of the breed, and the quality of a cat or kitten, honestly and accurately.

Ensure that, when selling or transferring a cat to another person, all relevant documents are provided to the new owner.