Rescue & Rehoming

Every Burmese cat deserves a safe loving home.

Rescue and rehoming list

Unfortunately some cats find themselves needing new homes for various reasons. Sometimes this is due to changes in personal circumstances of their present owners, a fall-out with other cats in the household or they may be found wandering the streets with no home to go to. Our aim is to find caring, permanent new homes as quickly as possible. SOme cats come with a full veterinary histroy but many don’t. If you can help by giving a loving home to one of the beautiful cats listed below please contact the appropriate person or if you wish make a general enquiry concerning rehoming a Burmese please contact our Welfare Officer: Sally Ferguson Tel: 01483 828625 Email: or our Asst Welfare Officer: Jane Suckling Tel: 01476 530414 Email:

Please read our information article about adoption donations and feesĀ here.

Cats ready for re-home

There are no cats on the rehome list at the moment, but do check back regularly as this soon changes.