Rescue & Rehoming

Every Burmese cat deserves a safe loving home.

Rescue and rehoming list

Unfortunately some cats find themselves needing new homes for various reasons, often due to changes in personal circumstances of their present owners. If you can help by giving a loving home to one of the beautiful cats listed below please contact the appropriate person or if you wish make a general enquiry concerning rehoming a Burmese please contact our Welfare Officer: Jane Suckling Tel 01476 530414

Cats ready for rehome

1. Ophelia

Ophelia has had several homes, bless her, and we want the next one to be her last. She is a lilac female neuter, 6 years old. She has been passed from pillar to post. She is very lovable and has that typical Burmese intensity and strong character. Ideally she would be rehomed within 2 hours journey of her current foster home in Hull, she is quite a noisy traveller! Ophelia must go to a home where there are no other pets and no children, and ideally to someone who is home often to keep her company. Call for more details: Penny Akehurst on 01964 527609, after 9am and before 9pm please. 

 2. Rosie

This is Rosie who is aged 19. She has been cared for long-term by a Cattery in Audlem, Cheshire since her owner became unable to care for her. Although at Rosie’s age and state of health We know that it could be difficult. She has a long-standing kidney condition that is managed by special diet, and also regular medication. She would need someone who would be able to give her full-time care in a safe environment as she is a fragile older lady. Call for more details: Jane Suckling Tel 01476 530414