Burmese Cat Club Committee Election

Members of the BCC Committee having served in post for 3 years may either stand down or offer their services for a further 3 years. Currently three members, Kym Jarvis, Tommy Goss, and Robin Kempe are all willing to continue in post in 2021.

Anyone who has been a fully paid-up Member of the BCC for at least 3 years may offer their services on the Committee normally to be decided by postal ballot among Members, but in the present pandemic any ballot would be by electronic means to obviate infection transfer. Similarly, other election documentation may be by email exchange unless or until the Secretary asks for signed confirmations.

Candidates can request by email from the Secretary a nomination paper on which they would need to name their Proposer, and a Seconder who must be fully paid-up members of the club. Candidates are asked to provide a CV in no more than 75 words explaining their experience relevant to the position they apply for. Any ballot would be prior to the next AGM, date to be announced. In the meantime please return your completed nomination form by email to the Secretary before 7th January 2021.


There were no applications to be on the BCC committee 2021, so therefore there will be no election. This means that Tommy Goss, Kym Jarvis and Robin Kempe are returned unopposed and are happy to serve on the BCC committee for a further 3 years.