Freya & Luna find a new home

Freya and Luna were two of four Burmese cats our welfare office, Sally, took in after their owner sadly passed away. She was a member of the Burmese Cat Club and had left instructions that the cats should come to the Benevolent Fund for re-homing in pairs.
We are pleased to report that the girls are settling in beautifully! Sarah, their new owner, says:
The girls are setting in well. They spent the first couple of days in hiding but are growing in confidence and are now very affectionate although still a little nervy but it’s only been a week.  They’re eating well and purring lots so I think they’re happy here. We’re just taking it slowly but we’re all very happy together.
We have a UK wide rehoming service which helps around 400 needy cats each year! To learn more about our rescue work you can visit the Benevolent Fund page. For more information about rehoming a Burmese rescue please visit our Rescue and Rehome page.