An update on beautiful Bert

Bert was found on the streets homeless earlier in July of this year. Through the benevolent fund he was offered a safe house and care while we set about finding him a home. We listed him on the rescue and rehoming page and exhausted our list of contacts, however because Bert has a very strong character (a bit of a biter!) it took several months for someone suitable to come forward.

While in the care of the Benevolent Fund Bert was Neutered which helped to settle his hormones and behaviours after some while. He also became used to human contact again and started to adjust to a new life being cared for.

After 4 months, Dave came forward as a potential new home for Bert. He had owned ‘characterful’ Burmese before and recognised the challenge that Bert might pose. But as you can see from the photos it looks like Dave has provided the forever home Bert was after – happy, settled and enjoying the sunshine and a photoshoot!