Max finds a new home thanks to the benevolent fund.


Rehome Story

Max finds a new home thanks to the help of the Burmese Cat Club benevolent fund.

Committee Election

Members, at the end of their three year term of office three members are standing for re-election so we are asking if any of our members may wish to stand for committee member or delegate positions.

Information about Cat TB

The University of Edinburgh are currently investigating a cluster of tuberculosis (TB) infections in cats that may be linked to a certain type of raw pet food. Tuberculosis is an infectious disease caused by bacteria and is spread between people and animals primarily through coughs and sneezes or through open skin wounds. There are several species of bacteria that … Continued

Happy Re-home Story

My husband introduced me to Burmese cats about 25 years ago when I suggested we ought to have a cat (my husband had always had cats in his life and I hadn’t). I thought I’d like a Siamese – he said ‘no’! look at the Burmese, having met one at a friends house. That was 1992 … Continued